This will get you a privately taught firearms class for you! I will allow up to 3 or 4 people to attend with you for the same cost of $175.00. 

I will allow you to pick any of our classes that we offer, we can even combine classes to make your training even better. 

Classes offered are: 1) AZ CCW/Covert Carry; 2) Defensive Handgun; 3) AR-15 Carbine; 4) Concealed Carry Only Course. Please refer to the classes respective pages for course information a required items. 

The only thing I ask and require is that if you decide to do this, the date & time you set up MUST be Pre-Paid in advance before any date is locked in solid. This prevents "No-Shows & last second "Backouts!".

I ask that if you have any further questions, please email or text me to so that I can call you to answer any other questions that you may have!!!!! 


TEXT: (623) 694-0377




Classes that are kept "Current & Relevant" to what you would use in a "Use of Force" situation!!!

We are committed to training you to "Stay In The Fight"; NOT just being in a fight!