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NON-Shooting AZ CCW Course

This course is for those that can not get to a live fire course or that have shooting experience and wish to proceed start to the paperwork.

This is NOT an online course at all, you will still meet with me to get your fingerprints completed and get your course completion certificate. And of course, ask any questions that you may have! 

The course last no more than an hour, can be shorter depending on you and what you need.

Here is what you need to get this done:

1. View the AZ CCW presentation below (PDF File).

2. Text or call us to set a date and time to come out to get your course completion certificate and to complete your fingerprints as well.

​Text: (623) 694-0377 EMAIL: info@azccwclasses.com 

3. Pay at the class $30 or use our store to prepay. 

Your done. I use the presentation on here so that you have it electronically and can save it.​​

Effective 8/3/2020, AZ DPS no longer supplies CCW application packets at all. I have and will supply fingerprint cards, the initial application is now completed online (see file below).  

As of now, I still have 45 application packets available till they are gone! Once these are gone, we will only supply fingerprint cards and envelopes. Students will then have to utilize the electronic CCW application, which I will be emailing to you when you sign up for a class (it is also in the blue button below).