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                               About the Firearms Instructor: John Hansen
I have been involved in law enforcement investigations (2000 to today) and I have had the opportunity to talk to various types of criminals (Gang Members, Murderers, Rapist, Car Thieves, and Armed Robbers, etc...). I have talked to the prosecutors that bring charges against us; I have been used as an expert witness in criminal court trials. I have also been used in Grand Juries too. I have taught a variety of classes over (firearms, legal, gang classes, etc.) over 15 years to criminal attorneys, defense attorneys, police/corrections officers and the general public. In short, when I answer a question of yours I believe I can give you the best possible answer! I work on the law side and I get to talk to the criminals that commit these crimes against us, my answers are NOT based on a book or class that I have taken somewhere.

We have a different training format that allows me to be unique from a standard “firearms class!” I DO NOT talk at you or above you; I will talk to you in the class. I am no better than anyone in the class.

Students are taught to focus not just on their weapon and their body, grip, trigger press, stance, body and arm alignment, balance, sight picture, but also on the decision making process that encompasses the USE of DEADLY FORCE. In my classes, you will not only get the info you need, but it will be explained to you so that you know why you are doing it. You will also know the mechanics involved and/or behind everything so that the learning process is easier to retain for future use.

I realize that training time, money and ammunition are in short supply for most of us. I will show you how to maintain your skills (which are perishable if not done with some kind of consistency) with limited resources (ammo, $$$, training time or resources). I will help you start to build up your “Declarative Memory” & “Procedural Memory” skills.

All this will allow you to deal with the deadly force situation much more efficiently and effectively!
My classes are NOT about me, they are ALL about you!

Instructor credentials:

  • NRA certified pistol instructor (PI)
  • NRA certified personal protection in the home instructor (PPHI)
  • NRA Range Safety Officer (RSO)
  • NRA Chief Range Safety Officer (CRSO)
  • AZ POST General Instructor (AZPOST GI)
  • AZ POST Police Firearms Instructor (AZPOST FI)
  • Defensive Firearms Instructor (DFI)
  • Field Training Officer (FTO)
  • Baton Certified
  • Patrol Rifle (AR-15) Certified 
  • ​LEOSA Instructor
  • ​Taser (AXON) Instructor (X26, X26P, X2 & Taser 7)​
  • USCCA Range Safety Officer (RSO)