All handguns & rifles are S&W M&P! 

I have been asked numerous times what I use in terms of equipment and stuff. Here is what I use, Click on the photo for direct links to their respective web pages!!! Every single item on this page I use personally and/or duty wise! Everything was bought by me, NOT given to me! 

Apex triggers in every hand gun I own! 

Cerekoting services!! And parts! 

AR500 body armor plates and carriers for myself and my daughter!

Training ammunition I use 9mm 124 Gr. 

Personal Defense Ammunition used is Speer Gold Dot 9mm 124 Gr. GDHP

Most if not all my holsters and supporting equipment are SAFARILAND! Hearing protection too! 


Classes that are kept "Current & Relevant" to what you would use in a "Use of Force" situation!!!

We are committed to training you to "Stay In The Fight"; NOT just being in a fight!