Once you have paid or scheduled your time to meet up with the Instructor, please review the AZ CCW - Use Of Force 105 page legal information. Also please fill out the class registration form and bring it with you to the CCW class you are scheduled to attend. Both items are just below this, click on photo and the registration button! THANK YOU! 

General AZ CCW Applicant Eligibility:
**be twenty-one years of age or older;
**not be under indictment for a felony offense;
**not be convicted of a felony offense, unless the conviction has been expunged, set aside, vacated or pardoned, or the individuals **right to possess firearms has be restored AND the individual must not be a prohibited possessor under state or federal law.
**not suffer from mental illness and been adjudicated mentally incompetent or committed to a mental institution;
**not be unlawfully present in the United States;
**complete this firearms safety training program.

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 â€‹AZ CCW Legal

   Class $40

Arizona Concealed Weapons Legal Information Class

THIS IS NOT AN ONLINE CLASS! This is a class that is conducted at your pace, and there is NO Live-Fire shooting involved at all. Once you complete the reading materials and meet up with me (your Instructor) and we will do the class in person!


To start the process do the following steps:

1. Call/or text me at (623) 694-0377 and request to participate in the AZ CCW legal Information ONLY class.

1a. Or pay via our website (see below)

and I will get a hold of you to start the training process.

2. Read the AZ CCW Use of Force materials I give you. We are going to electronic versions of our handbook from here on out. 

3. Schedule a time and date to meet up with me to complete the process. This process will take about an hour to complete as I will answer any questions in person and and complete the training process (In Buckeye, AZ). The location will be given to you when a class date is scheduled. 

4. Once the in person training process is completed, I will issue a course completion certificate and we will then complete the AZ CCW Application and Fingerprints cards will be completed as well. â€‹â€‹

The following Items will be given to you when you arrive at the class time you schedule:

1. AZ CCW Application w/fingerprint cards (completed on site too).

2. Course Completion Certificate. 


Classes that are kept "Current & Relevant" to what you would use in a "Use of Force" situation!!!

We are committed to training you to "Stay In The Fight"; NOT just being in a fight!

This class is conducted as needed and can be done between the following days & hours:

Monday through Friday : 430pm to 8pm

Saturday : 1pm to 8pm

Sunday : 9am to 8pm

Contact: (623) 694-0377