Introduction to the AR-15 Carbine Rifle class

This class involves you learning the AR-15 configuration, cleaning, presentation and the use of it! You will zero in your sights (Iron Sights and/or Red Dot); show you various ways to deploy your rifle for use (standing, kneeling, sitting prone), also using the sights too. I will show you how to get “Bone Support” behind the rifle while shooting. The function of the collapsible stock will be discussed for use. You will experience weapons transitioning too (going from rifle to handgun), moving and shooting too! At the conclusion of the class there will be a fun shooting qualification that will encompass what you learn in the class. 

Items required for the class are as follows:

1. AR-15 carbine rifle

2. Handgun with holster

3. Two of the 30 round magazines 

4. Iron Sights and/or Red Dot Sights

5. 200 rounds of ammunition (.223 or 5.56)

6. 25 rounds of handgun ammunition

7. Sling (single point or 2 point) 

8. Ear & Eye protection

The following items are NOT required BUT HIGHLY RECOMMENDED: 

1. Knee Pads

2. Elbow Pads

3. Dump Pouch

4. Shooting mat for prone positions (you will be on the ground)

5. Hydration System (water)

6. Hat

7. Magazine Pouch 


***Class start at 8am***

Class runs approximately 4 hours.

​(Private classes/dates with a minimum of 4 people can be conducted by request)

People don’t realize they may be using items on their rifles incorrectly! This class will get you started on being proficient with your rifle. There is a fallacy that the AR-15 is too BIG for home defense, it really isn’t! It is actually good for home defense.

In this class you will experience the following:

Zeroing in your rifle

Nomenclature of your rifle

Stance and rifle grip

Shooting in the following positions:





moving and shooting

Weapons transition



Our Classes are kept "Current, Relevant & Realistic"!!!