Our Classes are kept "Current, Relevant & Realistic"!!! 

Hollow-Point Defense (also known as Black Wolf Defense) has been around since 2003. We have helped numerous people get their CCW permits. I believe I have good reputation in helping people out. I started this ordeal to be customer friendly, and I will do what ever I can to keep that going. I start by keeping prices affordable for all.

About the Firearms Instructor: John Hansen. I have been involved in law enforcement investigations and I have had the opportunity to talk to various types of criminals (Gang Members, Murderers, Rapist, Car Thieves and Armed Robbers, etc...). In short, when I answer a question of yours I believe I can give you the best possible answer! I work on the law side and I get to talk to the criminals that commit these crimes against us, my answers are NOT based on a book or class that I have taken somewhere. 

As an AZ POST Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor, I do NOT teach civilians any different than I teach law enforcement officers! LEO's and Civilians get the same training from me! I do not put one over the other! 

HOLLOW-POINT DEFENSE was started so I could promote marksmanship the way I teach it, using a shot placement approach. I teach marksmanship with shot placement being the #1 goal, these are defensive type classes. People take the classes in order to be a better shot, in case the unfortunate happens! That is where your will need marksmanship.... "Where Threat's STOP!" Shot placement and marksmanship go together, can't have one without the other!

Our goal is not to be the biggest training organization Arizona. Our goal is simple: "We want to give each person the correct information and it is given in a way that everyone will understand it, Period!" "We want you to be able to make a life or death decision without any doubt in your mind".

Don't train to be "Good Enough", train until you fail and work to fix it. Serious self-defense firearms students train until they fail and then they work to correct the failure.....

I teach using the steel harmonic and reactive target systems, these create a much better learning experience than paper targets alone. You get the sounds and sights that you are getting hits. This also helps in getting a person completing the follow through fundamentals with the firearm.