Classes that are kept "Current & Relevant" to what you would use in a "Use of Force" situation!!!

We are committed to training you to "Train to Be ALL In!""; NOT just to be in!

Hollow-Point Defense (also known as Black Wolf Defense) has been around since 2003. We have helped numerous people get their CCW permits. I believe I have good reputation in helping people out. I started this ordeal to be customer friendly, and I will do what ever I can to keep that going. I start by keeping prices affordable for all.

About the Firearms Instructor: John Hansen. I have been involved in law enforcement investigations and I have had the opportunity to talk to various types of criminals (Gang Members, Murderers, Rapist, Car Thieves and Armed Robbers, etc...). In short, when I answer a question of yours I believe I can give you the best possible answer! I work on the law side and I get to talk to the criminals that commit these crimes against us, my answers are NOT based on a book or class that I have taken somewhere. 

I am an AZ POST Police Firearms Instructor, I do NOT teach civilians any different than I teach law enforcement officers! LEO's and Civilians get the same training from me! I will not put one over the other, ever! 

HOLLOW-POINT DEFENSE was started so I could promote my marksmanship the way I teach it, using a shot placement platform. I teach marksmanship with shot placement being the #1 goal, these are defensive type classes. People take the classes in order to be a better shot in case the unfortunate happens! That is where your will need shot placement & marksmanship.... "Where Threat's STOP!" Shot placement and marksmanship go together, can't have one without the other!

Our goal is not to be the biggest training organization Arizona. Our goal is simple: "We want to give each person the correct information and it is given in a way that everyone will understand it, Period!" "We want you to be able to make a life or death decision without any doubt in your mind".

Don't train to be "Good Enough", train until you fail and work to fix it. Serious self-defense firearms students train until they fail and then they work to correct the failure.....

I teach using the IDPA style steel targets, these are much better than paper targets. You get the sounds that you are getting hits. This helps in getting a person to complete the follow through with the firearm. We also use a steel reactive target to enhance the fun and learning experience too.