Effective 8/3/2020, AZ DPS no longer supplies CCW application packets at all. I have and will supply fingerprint cards, the initial application is now completed online.  
As of now, I still have 40 application packets available till they are gone! Once these are gone, we will only supply fingerprint cards and envelopes. Students will then have to utilize the electronic CCW application, which I will be emailing to you when you sign up for a class. 


Our Classes are kept "Current, Relevant & Realistic"!!! 

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​HOLLOW-POINT DEFENSE

Firearms Training​​

Credit Cards Accepted On-Line ONLY.

Basic AZ CCW Class - $40

 Non-shooting CCW Class - $30

Advanced CCW Class - $70

​AR-15 Carbine Class - $60

 (623) 694-0377

Basic AZ CCW Class:

October 3, 2020

8am to 11am


​Advanced CCW class:

October 10, 2020

8am to 1130am

​​​​Call/Text (623) 694-0377 with any questions or to get set up for a class!!​​​​​