AZ CCW / Basic Handgun: $50

Red Dot Pistol: $50

AR-15 Course: $70

Private Instruction: Starting $150

100% transferable

Private firearms Instruction

Contact Instructor directly for more information on this! This is 1 on 1 instruction. Additional people can be added to this for an additional fee.



This course is dedicated handguns with the RED DOT System (RDS). 

"Accuracy & precision"

AZ CCW / BAsic PISTOL Course


This course is geared to getting your AZ CCW permit, it is also extremely great for beginning shooters as well. 

AR-15 Course


This course is geared to new shooters to the AR-15 style rifle. It is also geared to assist users in sighting their rifle and basic fundamentals of it as well.  

Welcome to Hollow-Point Defense firearms training!

At Hollow Point Defense, we are committed to providing professional and quality training services. Whether you're interested in just a refresher class, or getting your first firearm, we're where you want to be. So you can make the best decision possible in case deadly force is ever needed in your course of life! 

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Hollow Point Defense
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Next Class:

AZ CCW / Basic Handgun Course
04 / 09 / 2023
8am to 1130am



Red Dot Pistol Course

04 / 23 / 2023
8am to 1130am


AR-15 Intro Course
2023 Coming Soon
8am to 1130am