Hollow Point Defense


Rifle / PCC: 

This course will help you run your rifle as it was meant to be used. It will also get you zeroed on your RED DOT / LVPO and/or your Iron Sights. 

New Class format: We are shifting from a group class environment to a one on one class. This will allow for far better quality instruction for the attendee(s). Please see each class page for further information.

We will only be doing classes on Thursday, Friday or Saturday. 

 Class date will be set when you register for a course. All course MUST be paid in advance, prior to class date. 

AZ CCW Course:

This course will allow you to obtain your CCW and get you started on your handgun training. It id good for any experience shooter! 

Handgun Deployment: 

This is a Defensive Handgun course. This will be for deployment of the gun when it is needed for self-defense.